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Community Sessions Highlights

From January 27-31, we had the pleasure of hosting a week of community sessions. It was a great opportunity to discuss Innavik hydro project and better understand the community concerns about the construction and operational phases of the project.

Several topics that were close to the community's heart were addressed, such as:

Innavik Hydro Project:

- Why did we chose hydroelectricy

- Construction and operation phases

Project Partnership Structure

- Project revenues and benefits

- Job creation during the construction and operation phases

- Entrepreneurial opportunities

Environmental and social impact assessment

- Water quality monitoring

- Fish and mercury concentration monitoring programs

- Fish habitat

- Reservoir vs run-of-river hydro facilities

Below are the documents that were presented during those sessions:

- Partnership structure and revenues, click here

- Innavik hydro project timeline, click here

- To understand the differences between run-of-river hydro facilities and reservoir ones, click here

- Environmental and social assessment procedure, click here

- Fish habitat, click here

- To learn more about mercury, click here

- Heating system conversion, click here

- Kativik Environmental Quality Commission conditions, click here

- Recommendations of the Nunavik Department of Public Health, click here

- Construction phase, click here and here

- Emergency plan in case of dam break, click here

- The risk of diesel, click here

- The operational phase, click here

- The sub-contracting opportunities, click here

- Sediment dispersion model, click here

- Blasting procedures, click here

- Nergica presentation, click here

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