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Benefits for Community & Environment

Replacing Diesel with Hydro

The Innavik Hydro facility replaces the energy being produced by diesel generators with clean energy.

New Jobs & Careers

On average, 50 workers were on site during the construction period, a figure that peaked close to 100. Priority was given to hiring local candidates. A team of 2-3 operators is operating the facility.

Investment in Entrepreneurship

Revenues and opportunities created through the Innavik project will help grow local entrepreneurs and their enterprises.

Major Pollution Reduction

Green Heat and Power

Switching from diesel to renewable electricity will avoid the emission of 700,000 tonnes of greenhouse gases
over 40 years.

Innavik generates enough energy to replace what you use for your electricity, air heating, and hot water.

Community Legacy Fund

A Community Legacy Fund, using revenues generated by the Innavik Project, will support youth and elders.

Community Social Support

A Community Social Support Fund will be devoted to community social initiatives.

Spin-off Opportunities

The renewable energy produced will act as a lever for economic diversification. Spin-off opportunities could include catering and hospitality, eco-tourism or construction material supply, all powered by clean energy that will be more affordable than before.

Improved Environment

Hydro power means reduced risk of diesel  and oil spills. Less diesel pollution means clean air.

Food Security and Production

The excess clean energy generated by Innavik can be used to power a greenhouse providing fresh food in Inukjuak.

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