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Project Milestones

The Inukjuak River Hydro Project has reached two key Milestones since October 2008:

  • Feasibility Study Plan Completed: The project Feasibility Plan for the Innavik Hydro Electric Project is complete. It has been reviewed by the PLV Board and presented to project partners, Hydro Quebec, and the governments of Canada and Quebec. This plan lays out in some detail the approach that PLC will adopt to complete the Feasibility Study for the project.

  • Project Application Filed with Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources: Led by Engineering Partner, Groupe RSW, the application to consider use of the waters of the Inukjuak River for hydro power generation has been filed with the Ministry of Natural Resources. Over the next year, this will trigger an environmental review process to ensure that the environment is protected. This process has also involved consultations with the Canadian Department of Fisheries and Oceans.

Major Activities

The Inukjuak River Hydro Project Team has been active:

  • Government of Canada Presentations: Led by PLC President, Eric Atagotaaluk a delegation made presentations on the Innavik project to the government of Canada in Ottawa, including to a well attended session in Ottawa organized by the Inuit Relations Secretariat. Funding requests have been submitted to federal agencies led by PLC Clean Energy Advisor, Lumos Energy.

  • Project Partnership Discussions: PLC has been engaged in discussions with Groupe RSW regarding their participation as Project Engineering Partner.

  • Hydro Quebec: Project discussions with Hydro Quebec continue to be quite active. PLC has presented Hydro Quebec with the project plans, and is seeking a formal response from the provincial utility on their collaboration in the Innavik project.

Next Steps

In the next 3 months, Inukjuak River Hydro Project Team plans to be focused on the following areas:

  • Feasibility Study Ramp-Up: Over the next few months the Feasibility Study process for the project will become much busier. Groupe RSW will begin preliminary project design work, and planning for the Environmental Impact Assessment scheduled to begin in the Summer 2009

  • Government of Quebec Presentations: The PLC Board, Management and Advisors are planning presentations to government of Quebec agencies to get them more actively involved in supporting aspects of the project.

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