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Project Milestones

The Inukjuak River Hydro Project has reached 2 Milestones since May 2008:

  • Feasibility Study Plan Nearing Completion: The project Feasibility Plan is nearing completion. This plan lays out in some detail the approach that PLC will adopt to complete the Feasibility Study for the project. It lays out tasks and time tables and is used to keep the project on track. Preparing the Plan has been an interactive process between the PLC Board and Clean Energy Advisor, Lumos Energy and Groupe RSW.

  • Project Meetings: Government of Quebec and Hydro Quebec: In the summer months, PLC Vice-President, Michael Kasudluak and Treasurer, Tommy Palliser travelled to Montreal and Quebec City for meetings with officials of the Government of Quebec and Hydro Quebec. Ministries such as Economic Development, Aboriginal Affairs, Natural Resources, Housing and Environment were consulted about the project. In addition, PLC Directors met with the Chief of Staff to the Prime Minister of Quebec to brief him about the project.

Major Activities

The Inukjuak River Hydro Project Team has been active:

  • Environmental Baselines Completed: PLC’s engineering company on the project, Groupe RSW has been very active in the late summer/early fall. Three major activities have been completed, or shall be completed shortly: LIDDAR Radar mapping of the hydro site, reservoir and adjacent lands, environmental baselines of fishery, habitat and wildlife; and installation of a hydraulic meter on the Inukjuak River.

  • Project Financing: Lumos Energy has been leading efforts to secure funding for the Feasibility Stage of the project.

Next Steps

In the next 3 months, Inukjuak River Hydro Project Team plans to be focused on the following areas:

  • Project Briefing Ottawa: PLC President will travel to Ottawa to present the project to a range of officials at the headquarters of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada. The session has been arranged by INAC’s, Aboriginal Affairs Secretariat.

  • Hydro Quebec: Discussions will be advanced with Hydro Quebec to determine the utility’s participation in the project, and the process of power procurement.

  • Discussions with Groupe RSW: PLC will be meeting with Groupe RSW to plan out the details for the engineering components of the Feasibility Study, and to determine the nature and terms of Groupe RSW’s participation in the project.

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