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Innavik Hydroelectric Facility

A partnership for sustainable development

The Innavik Hydroelectric facility has begun delivering electricity to the residents of Inukjuak. Throughout construction, our top priority was, and will remain, protecting the quality of Inukjuak’s drinking water. We take every measure to prevent and avoid any contamination. We also monitor water quality, through daily sampling of the Inukjuak River.
Check out our Water Monitoring Campaign (for the Inuktitut version click here)
Learn more about the hydro project here

Water not diesel

The Innavik Project is a 7.5 MW run-of-river hydroelectric facility that replaces reliance on diesel fuel for almost all of the Inukjuak energy needs.


The Project stems from the community’s willingness to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and is expected to have significant social and economic impacts for the 1,800 inhabitants of Inukjuak, Nunavik’s second most populated community.


Revenue generated from the project will be used to meet community social, educational, and traditional lifestyles needs of children, youth and elders, and invest in economic entrepreneurship opportunities. 

The Innavik project will bring a wide range of socio  economic  opportunities to Inukjuak residents. From job creation to better air quality to locally grown food, it will be a lever for growth for the community.

Find out how you can get involved with Innavik Hydro whether it's through job opportunities, volunteering, or attending meetings.

Keep up to date with the latest project information and related events. Here you'll also be able to see some pictures of the project.

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