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Project Milestones

The Inukjuak River Hydro Project has reached 3 Milestones since January 2008:

  • Pre-Feasibility Study Completed: The project Pre-Feasibility Study has been completed by Groupe RSW of Montreal. The study examined the potential of several hydro sites near the community and provided recommendations on a preferred site on the Inukjuak River. Pituvik thanks Hydro Quebec for its support of the Pre-Feasibility Study.

  • Services of Clean Energy Advisor Obtained: Pituvik has secured the on-going services of Chris Henderson, President of Lumos Energy as Clean Energy Advisor to the project. Chris is the leading clean energy advisor to First Nation and Inuit communities across Canada.

  • Community Planning Meeting Held and Feasibility Study Motion Approved: A very important Community meeting on the project has held in Inukjuak, on April 22nd, which also happened to be Earth Day. The beneficiaries heard about the project and identified issues such as water quality, fish and habitat that need to be considered. The beneficiaries approved a Motion to proceed with the Project Feasibility Study over the next 18-24 months.

Major Activities

The Inukjuak River Hydro Project Team has been active:

  • Reviewing the RSW Pre-Feasibility Study including several meetings with RSW personnel, and technical reviews of the study by Lumos Energy.

  • Participating in Aboriginal Clean Energy Conferences to equip the project team with information and know how about small hydro development.

Next Steps

In the next 3 months, Inukjuak River Hydro Project Team plans to be focused on the following areas:

  • Environmental Baselines: Prepare a plan and seek to obtain financial support for Environmental Baseline studies to be completed in the summer/fall 2008.

  • Partner and Supporter Briefings: Project briefings to Hydro Quebec, and key ministries/agencies in the Quebec government, and to Indian and Northern Affairs Canada (INAC).

  • Project Funding: Seeking support for Feasibility Study and implementation of the project

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